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A Year of Practiculture (pre-orders)

My next book 'A Year of Practiculture' is due for release in Australia in August, just before Spring arrives. This book contains the story of a year in my life, beginning in Spring, following the efforts to prepare for the harsh central highlands winter. It's also full of recipes of the food I cooked, stories of factual events, excellent use of witty humour, and my food philosophy snuck in as per usual. If you would like to directly support me, then you can pre-order the book from me and I will even scribble on it for you. ;-) Pre-order here

We decided to release the book in the northern hemisphere at the end of next winter, just as we have in the southern hemisphere, so that the reader can utilise all the information from the book, to prepare for the coming seasons. But if you're USA, Canada or UK based and keen to grab a copy asap, I'm sure  there will be some online book retailers that will post OS.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I've put all of my passion and love for this lifestyle into this book in the hope that you will find some practical, spiritual or culinary use from reading it.