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  1.  I am not SELF SUFFICIENT and I've never claimed to be. I don't believe anyone can truly be self sufficient. My aim in life is to remove myself as much as I possibly can from the very broken conventional food system.

2. SUSTAINABILITY is a load of rubbish. It's a term that had good intentions but has now been used and abused just like our natural resources. Beware when you see this term used.

3. There is a lot of bullshit in the food industry and in our food system. The deeper I go the more I have to wade through the rubbish. Real food starts with real ingredients. I can no longer rely on the integrity of supermarket and conventional food so where I can, I will source my own, either by growing it, hunting it or picking it out in the bush. Beware the hip element of  'nutritionally balanced' food.

  • Beware the take away juice bar claiming to be a healthier take away option that is using fruit and vegetables that have been treated with pesticides and herbicides.
  • Beware the hip restaurant in Melbourne that offers you wild mushrooms that have been 'foraged' from a NSW forest.
  • Beware the low fat sub made from intensively farmed poultry and chemical covered salad
  • Beware the use of hip retro type face on food packaging and blackboard menus. There's a good chance the food is the same old rubbish, it's just been rebranded.
  • Be aware that what ever the latest nutritional super food is, be it coconuts or ChooChoo Berries that it probably doesn't grow anywhere near your house. It may have traveled a great distance. So for weigh up the supposed health benefits with your carbon road miles legacy you're adding to your account.
  • Anything that has 'Artisan' labeled on it doesn't necessarily mean its a better product. It might be, it might not be.

4. Modern food is truly having an impact on our health. Never before have we as westerners been so well off and affluent. But we're the sickest we've ever been. I was caught up in this. Because of the food I ate I became sick, nothing major but enough to make me want to change my life. I often had allergic reactions to foods with the preservatives sulphites, (in the form of breathing difficulties - respiratory inflammation), I had extremely high blood pressure and suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression. I was also obese. I changed my lifestyle to eating whole foods I grew myself and my health has dramatically improved. It didn't happen over night and it took a lot of hard work to change my habits. But it worked. I am living evidence of how broken the system is. If not just for myself.

5. The conventional food system is damaging our planet. In order to provide for an over populated planet we are relying on a system that is resource hungry. We end up producing more food than we can consume and much of it gets thrown away. The cost is high. All large scale food production relies heavily on fossil fuels. A global market means food is transported all over the world. We cannot stop this, but we can reduce it. Local and organic makes sense.

This website chronicles what I do.  Take it or leave it. It's not right nor wrong. It's not advice, it's not gospel. It's my story.

No bullshit here. Modern food is plain rubbish. Processed food, the stuff that's easy to prepare at home that you can buy from supermarkets. It's not good for us. The rubber burgers, subs, fried chicken and pizza from the chains, it's all shit. This 'food' is a product, driven by the desire to make a great deal of money for a company and it's shareholders. It's designed to extract money from your pocket. It's not designed to keep you healthy no matter what it tells you on the packet.

Humans have survived for a long time by eating real food. I'm not talking about pre-historic food, I'm talking about cooking with real vegetables, meat, cheese, diary, herbs and spices.

Some of the longest living people in the world live on a diet of pasta, rice, beans, fish and wine. Food they've been happily eating for centuries.

Most of what you're told by the media is rubbish. All of us should know that by now.

You don't need to drink 'good bacteria' drinks.

You don't need multi vitamins.

You don't need to eat food labelled, 'low fat' low sugar' 'low salt'.....instead eat food with no labels.

Humans have lived healthy lives without these modern products for centuries.

These pages are about eating real food. The stuff that I can grow in the soil. The stuff I can hunt and harvest from the fields and the bush.

This is my answer. It may not be the answer for you as I don't have all the answers.

This is simply my answer for me and my gang.



I make no apologies for my truck, guns, nor my love of fine outlaw and country music. 

And if it makes you feel good, you can call me a hipster, hillbilly, redneck or bogan. You can call me what ever you like. 

I am also aware that I can only control the food at my home. When I am away from home I may eat a Kebab.


Image: justin bovington