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america here I come

Going back to America has been on the agenda for a long time. Finally it's happening. in fact, I fly to LA next week. For three weeks I'll be visiting as many places as possible. I want to meet as many people as I can, I want to talk sustainability, food, philosophy, music and hamburgers. I'll be sharing a dinner meal, sharing ideas and creating new memories. I'll be giving talks and signing books. Best of all I get to meet you all! And let me tell you...I can't wait to see you all! It's been a long time coming.


Here are the cities I'll be dropping by. Some events are still being finalised so I'll post more details as they get confirmed. Contact me at


Friday 31 May - San Francisco, CA Saturday 1 June - San Francisco, CA Sunday 2 June - Portland, OR Monday 3 June - Portland, OR Tuesday 4 June - San Antonio, TX Wednesday 5 June - Austin, TX Thursday 6 June - Birmingham, AL Friday 7 June - Louisville, KY Saturday 8 June - Chicago, IL Sunday 9 June - Chicago, IL Monday 10 June - New York, NY Tuesday 11 June - New York, NY Wednesday 12 June - New York, NY Thursday 13 June - Philadelphia, PA Friday 14 June - Rehoboth Beach, DE Saturday 15 June - Chester, VT Sunday 16 June - Boston, MA Monday 17 June - Somerville, MA Tuesday 18 June - Los Angeles, CA Wednesday 19 June - Los Angeles, CA