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beautiful pumpkin soup with extremely stinky gorgonzola

I really cherish the process of growing veg from the potting of seeds in the seed trays, to the day they pop out of the soil full of life as a seedling and then when they finally go to fruit. Even better is playing with the end product and making something paletable. I can't remember the name of the heirlome varity I grew this year, but I know it was something French. I made a 10ft climbing frame and gave my seedlings a head start in my mini hot house hoping for the best. Sure enough I had a bumper crop. Sexy looking veg to boot! It's the sweetest roasting pumpkin I've/we've ever had. It's been known to end up as a meal in itself in this little cottage! I've really been loving making veg soup of mixed varieties of late, most likely due to the cooler weather. Tonight the dish was a celebration of my very beautiful last pumpkin of the season. I had a special treat in mind, something a bit high class. Roast Pumpkin soup with Gorgonzola and roasted pine nuts. And what a delight the bloody thing was, so nutty and creamy. I'm still defiantly very much omnivorous but if I ever did turn then this would be a staple dish (have no fear I'd never turn). So good it deserved a double take.... And this is the little beast the dish comes from......