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Big Red

Yesterday while watering the veg patch I noticed that my little crop of beetroot had gone from golf ball size to oversized tennis ball size. As I didn't grow the beets for any sports ball, I decided it was time to pull some out and cook with them. It's pretty amazing this process of growing food in your backyard. And it still blows me away how easy the process it. You see, it was sometime late last year that I raked over a modest patch of soil in my garden, and sprinkled some beetroot seeds in. After a few weeks they germinated, they've been growing all summer long. Now they're big, red and beautiful. It's food man. In my backyard! I can totally dig that (see what I did there?)


The best part about being a grower is that I'm an active protester. This is my voice of protest, it's active and practical. And whilst I may be sticking my finger up at the the crappy food processing mega system of the western world, I'm also feeding my family in the process. That's a practical outcome that makes me boogie.

If you can't grow your own food but want to eat real food like this, then remember that I deliver it to Melbourne. So you too can stick your finger up at the system, and the side benefit is that you're eating nutritional rich organic produce just grown over an hour of the big smoke.


Also if you're on the internet, please show us what your doing with the veg, eggs, meat or my sourdough starter. We love seeing how this real food ends up.


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