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I often find myself wanting to go buy something nice to cook for dinner and then find the other half of me telling me that I do actually have food to cook within our stores and I don't need to buy more stuff. Hell let me tell ya, I am not perfect when it comes to food. I'll often use dried pasta for example, when I really should make the effort to make it, although in saying that I do currently have a full tummy of homemade pumpkin gnocchi and winter rocket and foraged walnut pesto. I do (most of the time) put effort into the meals, and this sometimes this leads me into the trap of being a little bit too adventurous in the kitchen. I think to myself, we need salmon, we need prosciutto....when in fact I'm sure I can make something out of the stuff I have lying around. Untitled

I have a heap of this variety of pumpkin that I grew at my father-in-law's last summer (well I gave him the seedlings and in return I got the veg) and they've never been a meaty pumpkin; not much in the flesh department. So I wondered if I could stuff them. I had some leftover mashed potato, some smoked bacon, a leek, onion and plenty of Parmigiano Reggiano to flavour it...and bugger it I may as well use a bit of that Spanish Manchego cheese to melt on top! A bread crumb and Parmigiano crust on top of the stuffing and a dinner was created. I like my frugal cabin meals. Especially from veg that I've grown, it just makes so much delicious sense. Our little garden out the back of the school house is coming along, with rocket and baby spinach for pesto, and a spring crop developing to make any 'homesteader' happy.


Oh and a little victory this week was my asparagus that I planted 3 years ago is finally having its first edible season. I grilled one single beautiful stalk with some double smoked bacon and served with a cannelloni bean and kale stew. Super basic food, that makes me think I live in a cabin. And heck it makes me bloody content and happy. I'm a very lucky man.