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I finally got around to setting up a place for you to purchase my book direct from my family room to yours!If you have an Australian postal address you can now buy the WholeLarderLove book directly from me HERE. Today I wrapped up my first batch, and I felt a little proud as I wrapped each book. I'm still very much a backyard operation. I love it! Just in case you get excited about my packing skills, don't. I'm one of those male's, you know the ones.....we lack the skills to make things look pretty. I have done my best. I used hipsters paper and hipster string. But the practical twitch embedded in me made me thick wrap each precious book in bubble wrap. I'd hate for a book to arrive all battered and crappy just because I wanted it to look good wrapped!

Each week now I'll wrap up a bunch of books and send them to you. I really hope you all enjoy it and cook plenty of hearty meals from food you've grown or acquired the old way.


PS. Sorry for anyone outside of Australia, I can't ship to you,  but you can buy the book here.