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failure is part of our day

Some days things just happen right. Other days it's a fail.

Failing at cooking is all part of my process, and yesterday I had a good reminder that I'm still very much a student of life with plenty to learn. I had a moment cooking a BBQ for friends where I buggered up the spit roast rabbit. You'd think now after cooking the same meal many times I'd get it right. A simple bacon-wrapped-whole-shot-wild-rabbit, slow roasting over hot coal, seems very primeval and basic, but it's easy to bugger up. I was distracted cooking a few other meals (see below) and so that spit roast dish missed my watchful eye. Maybe it was the lime cordial, mint and lemon vodka drink that had something to do with my shortcomings. Maybe it was the chit chat with this lady or this bloke that distracted me.

Apart from the cooking failure of the spit roast, the cooking fest ended with some nice smoked trout pizza, almond and rabbit burgers and some smashing beetroot and walnut salad. The failures often sit comfortably next to the successes. Having my friends eat all the successful food made me a happy bloke. Even though I dwelled a little on my failure, I was stoked that they loved the other food that I'd made. I was happy with that outcome. I guess that's what I should focus on.

My failure though, it weighed heavy, it made me think a little about my awkward feeling of speaking with the legendary Joel Salatin this week in front of hundreds of people for the Dumbo Feather magazine event. I mean, I'm just a guy who's trying to live sustainably by working for my food, and this guy is an expert in the field (literally and figuratively speaking). I guess it's all about confidence, and I'm not a bloke full of it. And over the last few months of publicity I've had my fair share of anti-Rohans which I guess is all part and parcel of putting yourself out there, but sometimes it gets to you. I'll just stay true to what I believe in. Stand firm.

When I watered the vegetable garden today I washed all that rubbish aside, and I focused on the reality that I'm doing what I believe to be right. I'm not a man totally self-sufficient. I am however a man working for my food, in every literal way I can. And I'm bloody comfortable with that. Are you?