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Last week I made a wild mushroom risotto and a smokey bacon & mushroom bruschetta with fried sage. Possibly the last wild mushroom meal's I'll make for this season, especially after we've had a week of freezing weather and excess moisture. The two main varieties of mushrooms I pick don't like it too wet and cold so its at this time every year I lament the end of the picking season. I've enjoyed many mushroom stroganoff's for breakfast this season and decided it's my new favourite way to prepare the mushrooms. Well for this season anyway. Untitled

Even though the mushroom risotto was delish, there was plenty of left overs. I usually make big batches of meals, it's a mixture of practicality and laziness. I figure if I make more than I need I can reheat the left overs on the hob or stretch them out for another meal, just like arancini. I had some not so fresh eggs and some stale ciabatta floating around so, I wisked the eggs and processed the bread to make crumbs. I hand rolled the risotto into small balls, dunked in the egg and rolled them in the bread crumbs.


Fried quickly in oil and viola! Arancini! Frugal food. Happy kids. Happy Dad.


Typical nights at the school house in winter after our dinner meal involve some couch reading time under woollen blankets, with the flames from the 'big fire' warming the old school room and once the kids go to bed the LP collection gets a spin and the wine gets enjoyed. In fact reading and music are our main entertainment. My stash of National Geographic's is getting a good look at!



Not much action in the my new veg patch right now, everything has been planted but it's just been arctic so nothing is growing. My new garden didn't get set up in time for a bumper winter crop. Thankfully I'm baby sitting my mums garden this winter, which has plenty of broccoli, kale and spinach. All of which I can harvest.

Thankfully my chest freezer is laden with game meat and plenty of fish recently bought at the amazingly diverse Preston Market. I have Duck, Quail, Eel, Hare, Venison, Fish, Pestos, and some market beef, lamb and pork. Enough to get us over this cold bump for the next few months. And it's nothing for me to walk down the road and hunt a few rabbits to mix up the meat supplies somewhat.

Trying to live the triple SSS lifestyle.

Semi Self Sufficient