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Happy Meal

Tonights meal was the bomb. I had to share it with you because it's everything I want to achieve in life (in regards to food and life-style etc). It was a simple meal, really nothing flash at all. But it was delicious. It made me happy. It was a happy meal to eat. And best of all, most of it came about from effort on my behalf, i.e. I grew it.

Zucchini grilled, fresh garden rocket, dill leaves, jalapneo and onion all plucked from the backyard garden. It was dressed with home made red wine vinegar and topped with my Jamon lardons which I fried.


This meal if everything to me. It's what I want to share with people when I set up The Nursery Project. I want to make this with complete strangers and get them excited about real food and how to grow and raise it.

I love my back garden, but it's a rental. I won't be here for ever. In fact I've started looking at patches of land where I can set up the Project. Land IS NOT cheap man! And now that I'm buying this land with my measly finances I'm kinda freaking out.

What if no one comes to learn? What if the Nursery Project is a complete dismal flop? I guess I just have to continue on and hope for the best. The main goal is to set up a place to share ideas and knowledge. Worse case scenario, I'm sure I'll cover that goal.