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For the last few months, every Saturday morning at 5am my alarm goes ding. It's veg box delivery day. It's become a weekly ritual of sorts. A ritual that encompasses my whole view on food production and distribution. The food we supply is grown down the road from our place in rich volcanic soil, totally organic (certified for 30 years) and it's pulled out of the patch the day before we deliver it to city people. A far cry from what's available at the big supermarkets, but I don't need harp on about that western world problem right now, we have our own problems to contend with. IMG_7624

So on Saturday before the sun rises from it's slumber, we load the boxes of vegetables from the farm and head down to the big smoke. We talk to the veg eating customers as we hand over the produce, we love hearing about all the meals that have been enjoyed over the previous weeks with the fresh vegetables and fruit.


After the three drop of point in the city we head back west to complete the final drop off to a handful of townies in Ballarat then home to rest with a cuppa then continue the daily chores before a well deserved rest, and no doubt heavy slumber.


When I lay my head down, shoulders and back a little challenged by the days activities, I can't help but contemplate the purpose of what we're doing. On the western Highway heading to the city we're often passed by oncoming 16 wheeler trucks marked with the big brands of supermarket chains heading back to the country to deliver food, often driving food back to where the primary produce was raised. We have a 7ft trailer, they have semi trailers shipping endless pallets of stuff, destined for the shop floor. We are just a miniscule dint in the food delivery system, not even a bee's dick. We have no intention of competing, and we run on the smell of an oily rag. In fact if we can't generate more orders for veg boxes I regret the inevitability of continuing the venture all together.


Last week we hardly filled the trailer, and just covered our running costs. I'm stubborn in the belief that the vegetables and fruit are so organically good that they don't need any advertising. I assumed word of mouth would be enough, but I now wonder how valid my assumption was. I often cook with this veg and we love it's possibilities for family meals. I'd love to see other families tucking into this real food also, but I think I'm going to have to ask for some help. So if you know any family or friends that would like to order, even joining forces and a few mates sharing one box for the week. Any help would be grand. There is an alternative to the supermarkets, it's families like us delivering it to you on a Saturday morning with a hired trailer and a bombed out old Jeep.

Veg boxes can be ordered here....