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From the kitchen she yelled loud with excitement "It's snowing!" All of sudden it came down hard and fast, just like the waves of long grass in a windy paddock. Covered up in a warm jacket and wide brim, I let the flakes land delicately over me. How often do we get to really stop and enjoy these moments? Even though this is our five spell of snow here, each time it's still special. Her giddy smile and childish excitement and my boyish playfulness, all brought about by gently falling flakes of frozen water. Amazing what the weather can do to an adult.

Snow bellowed in like dust storm, the ground was soon covered in white. Everything from discarded kids toys to stacked firewood, all disappeared under the white. The dogs ran about confused while we tried our best to capture the moment for our absent kids. But it was a futile task. Nothing could capture this moment but our 'memory cams'. We held each other, hoping to hold onto the the moment as long as possible, before we realised we where getting cold. Love was impractical in this blizzard.

After a spell, we headed across the paddocks to return to the old farm house. I stood looking back at our home. Everything was hidden. Everything all looked the same. The white of snow had hidden everything from view.

 snow bro

These last few days since the snow fall, I've had a burning question in my mind. Why is so much hidden from us? I came up with what might be a silly question. But I'm going to ask it anyway.

My kids go to primary school. Each year they have excursions to places like Science Works the museum or zoo. Great experiences for young minds. Here they learn about history, animals and science stuff. And that's all good. On these days out the kids are asked to take lunches which is standard practice I believe. In these lunches you're sure to find the odd ham sandwich, some chicken rolls, I've even heard of chicken nuggets and party pies. Now answer me this. If it's ok for the kids to eat meat that's come from intensive factory farm, then why don't we take the kids on an excursion to go visit these farms? Wouldn't they learn something new there? It's not like the farms have anything to hide right?

Nah. Lets cover everything in white snow. It looks better.