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Hold the Choo Choo Berries

By now we all know the nutritional benefits of Choo Choo Berry products. A few years ago it's like the product never existed, but now you see it at supermarkets, health food stores and gracing the black board menus of cool restaurants and cafes. Come on, who doesn't love a choo choo berry smoothy! And so good for you right! It's almost too good to be true. The Choo Choo (French Polynesian - Chaux Chaux) has been independently proven to cure many aliments from heart disease, obesity, wrinkles, athletes foot and chronic gullibility. Years ago before the choo choo berry entered our lives as the next hot nutritional super food, we had a pretty boring life. Life without choo choo berries? I can't even remember it. I feel great empathy for my forefathers who had a very boring existence in regards to food. Poor buggers. All they had to eat was vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat that where grown close to where they lived because let's face it, food logistics was really in it's infancy. (might I say archaic). Back then, because people where so uneducated in the ways (and obvious benefits) of pesticide use, most people had no choice but to eat organically. No choice! That's just not fair. We don't know what hardship is, but our grandparents sure did. Imagine having to go 9 months out of the year without being able to buy a tomato from the supermarket? It's just unimaginable. They where so hardy back then.


This morning when I was making breakfast I couldn't help but be #grateful for the food I was preparing. I jotted down where the ingredients were from and how they were produced. The potato and onion bread was gifted to me yesterday from a lady I took out bush to teach her about forest mushrooms. The yellow tomatoes and rocket where grown in my garden. The eggs from my hens, and the bacon from my pig loving farmer Tammi.

Because I had an open jar of my home grown pickled jalapeño on the bench, I decided that just for today I'd not have any Choo Choo berry with breakfast. I'm making a stand, a deliberate statement! I've been battling internally knowing that the Choo Choo only grows in the tropical island climate on the French Polynesian Island of  Moorea, and therefore has a huge carbon cost to get to my breakfast plate. I also read somewhere that the working conditions for the labourers on the Choo Choo farms is inhumane so I'm doing it for the underpriveldged Choo Choo berry pickers of the world. I figure if I choose one day of the week to go without Choo Choo berry I can make a real difference. One day less a week has to make a difference right? Anyway, even though my breakfast is now lacking in nutritional value to maintain my perceived health I'll chew away knowing that even just for today, I've made a difference.