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I'll be out and about over the next few months visiting different places and doing talks and cooking demos. If you'd like to come along and say hi, just look for the bloke with the beard and the cap cooking something like the above....Rabbit Log with blue cheese and Jamon......YUM! And for my USA friends I'm starting to plan a trip in February with most events still to be confirmed. For any further US events drop us a line HERE


Friday 16th November (2pm-2:30pm) TASTE OF MELBOURNE (Cooking Demonstration at the Sustainable Living feature) (Details here)


Saturday 17th November (3:15pm-3:45pm) TASTE OF MELBOURNE (Cooking Demonstration at the Sustainable Living feature) (Details here)


Wednesday 21st November Meet The Makers SHELLY PANTON STUDIO (Details here)


Saturday 15th December (1pm tbc) MONA Tasmania at the opening of the new season MoMa


February Somerville Library - Boston (Date tbc) NYC (Date/event tbc) Delaware (Date/event tbc) Texas (Date/event tbc) Maine (Date/event tbc) Oregon (Date/event tbc) Vermont (Date/event tbc) Michigan (Date/event tbc) Alabama (Date/event tbc) Philadelphia (Date/event tbc) Vancouver (Date/event tbc)