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I like doing it

Confused and indecisive is the most appropriate way to describe this spring. We’ve had a warm spell, a storm spell and now it’s back to a cold spell. More spells than an episode of Charmed. The warm spell did weave some magic though. It got me motivated to get the house in order for the coming summer. Last year I was a few months behind. We’d just moved house and I was still forming the garden beds, and the poly tunnel was still a pipe dream. This year is different. I’ve been looking forward to the growing season. I’m prepared! This house is on high alert, cocked pistol, VEGCON 1. The poly tunnel is fully operational, it’s power should not be underestimated. It’s potential as a food production facility is practically imminent. Seeds, poised at the ready, germination sequence has commenced!

In 4 months time our bellies will be full with fresh zucchini, tomato, eggplant, watermelon, basil, squash, coriander, corn and many other summer crops we thrive on. The very thought of not having to eat kale or chard is enough to have me jumping for joy! Anything but kale please! ;-) This winter has been slow like every other, and we rely heavily on hunted meat from the freezer, dried beans, cured meats, excess frozen summer crops and yes kale, kale, kale with some chard. The two edible plants dumb enough to grow in our winter climate.


Soon we shall once again pick straight from the patch and into the kitchen. It’s a bloody beautiful time of the year for food. Everything feels positive, alive and natural. Sun warmed cherry tomatoes, flavour bursting peas and zucchini so fresh you can peel it straight into a salad.

All this is possible because I decided that I wanted it and I decided to 'do it'. I never had a singular energy saver low watt, light bulb moment. It’s just something that’s been growing over the years (no pun intended). I wanted it, (a veg garden) so I did it. I also didn’t want to be a slave to a desk job, so I figured out a way to escape the rat race. I figured that if I got rid of all my debt, focused on living light and actively made my food, then I wouldn’t need so much money to survive. And it seems to be working. Sure sometimes it’s scary, like when rent is due, or when bills need to be paid. But we manage to get by because we just 'do it'. We do odd jobs to make a living and thankfully our food bill is minimal, thus we survive. I figure that life is too short not to ‘do it’.


I’ve wanted this lifestyle most of my adult life, I once sat at my office job, day in, day out, dreaming of this lifestyle. It feels so good to be here. Someone on the internet recently told me to “get a job!”. I have one, but thanks for the suggestion. My job is surviving. My job is no longer being a slave to a consumerist lifestyle. My health is the better for it and my impact on the environment is reduced, but overall life is just way better! As far as I’m concerned it’s a win win.

I know it’s not the norm, and that some people think I’m a slacker because I don’t have a regular job, but what's a real job anyway? I question the great Australian Dream, is really all that rad? I don’t dream of owning a brand new car or massive new house full of brand new stuff. I like that my house is full of op shop purchase’s, my veg garden constructed with timber I found rummaging at the Daylesford tip, my cars old and simply engineered so I can repair them. Call me a bludger, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. And I’ve never taken a hand out.

My new job will be running the Nursery Project. Oh and by the way, I won’t own it. We won’t own it. We don’t want to. We'll still be living right here, renting away at the old farm house. The organisation will own what ever happens, the land, the stock, the facilities. A not for profit organisation has to have board members, it has to report to the tax department, it has to operate within a self governing charter. And as much as I’d like it to be a bit more free and hippy like, it just can’t. It’s 2014 and everything fucked. So we have to follow the rules. But rest assured, we won’t be gaining any financial assets from this ‘venture’. We just driving the project. The reality is that we are two idealists, wanting to share what we love in our lives, which is basically, the good life. That in itself is pure gold. A big thank you for everyone that has helped thus far. You will be amazed when we tell you our news. But lips must be sealed until then. Except when chorizo is around. Then lips open wide for chorizo happy time.