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Grow. Gather. Hunt. Cook.

If we want to live in a world that's less shit, then we need to be less shit.

The simplistic approach is often the best approach. We as humans over complicate things. It's often the case that when a choice is presented to us,we inadvertently choose the complicated option.

In my ideal utopia there would be no bad food. People would enjoy eating and living well, and we would keep our industry systems, they'd just be cleaner and greener. Oh and people would be nice to each other instead of killing one another. A nice world eh?

I know I can't make that happen for the entire world. But what I can do is change my own little world. I may not be able to get everyone eating real food or being a little lighter in the old consumer department, but I can make that so, within my house. I can feeds my kids good food, I can buy mostly secondhand and recycle, I can reuse and invest in things that will last me a while. I can make my world less shit.

My world was shit years ago. Sure there where some good elements. But the shit outweighed the good, so I changed it. It's never going to be perfect. But it's way better. And thats all we can do.

Identify the things that are shit and make them less shit.

I cooked a meal this week that optimised this mantra. Home grown beans, a rooster from last springs clutch, some backyard herbs and spinach. Roster, beans and greens was a meal that represented the change I wanted to see in my life. I raised the bird, I grew the food and I learnt how to cook. These are things that I wanted in my life to make it less shit. And when I ate that meal, all the negativity of the outside world subsided, even for just a few moments.

Peace. Out.