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Its high time you quit your low down ways

Imagine if you could fit everything you needed into a tiny house. A cabin even. These been plenty of times where I've stayed a few nights in some small place that seems to have everything I need in it. A friend's holiday cabin in the bush, or at a tiny beach side shack. I find myself comfortably suggesting that I could live here, live with just what exists in that shack or cabin. When I return home from these beautiful places I look around at all my stuff and with the desire to reduce what I have I tend to have these clean outs that are verging on the extreme.

I've figured out that I can get by rather comfortably with a lot less stuff. I love all the things that serve a purpose. I love my kitchen tools that keep my kitchen in good stead day in day out. One beauty that I adore is an old cast iron fry pan that from memory my grandfather bought for my mum years ago. I can't remember how I got my hands on it but its definitely not leaving my kitchen. All other fry pans have been dropped off to the pop shop, along with many a gifted kitchen electronic appliance and gadgetry.

Goose Egg and Smoked Garlic Shakshouka cooked in Pa's old pot.


Lately I've been chipping away at my stuff. I used to have so much more. My home always felt like clutter was the interior design option I was hoping to achieve. Over the last few years I discarded and donated most of my stuff, and it felt very much like a weight was lifted from me. My aim is to continue to reduce what I carry around with me through this life. All facets of stuff must be reduced. I have a limited wardrobe, I have a reduced tool supply, a few fly rods, a few guns, camping gear, cooking gear and kitchen stuff. The latter I'm stoked to have reduced down to real practical basics.

The process can hurt. There are some things that have been pretty hard to part with. My recent decision to sell my canoe is one of those hard choices. As much as I love it, I just haven't used it as much as I'd like to. It's beautiful but that's not a good enough reason to have stuff. By selling it I intend to build a poly tunnel (hot house) to successfully grow heat sensitive vegetables and become even more productive in the home grown veg department.

Good bye old girl....listed to go


Consumerism is a drug, and I'm a recovering addict. The temptation to buy this or that is sometimes so very strong. I'm not fully recovered, I'd like to think that into the future I'll just be replacing things when they break, as apposed to getting things that I've been living quite happy with out up until now. I'm preparing for my future life in the small shack. Hopefully not too many years away.