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Joel Salatin talks about the value of understanding food and the Nursery Project

We fell very fortunate that Joel agreed to set aside some time for us to record his little message of support. Joel is someone that we really admire, value and respect. His values are in line with nature and creating a better world. The positive impact he has made for our world is phenomenal. So when he agreed to film a clip for us we where over the moon. Please share this link and help the momentum of the project continue. We still have a long way to go. Thank you to Meg who travelled to Joel's farm to record this clip.

Sorry about the editing and wind noise. We may know how to grow food, but audio visual is definitely not or forte. I'll never get an oscar for 'Best Editor using iMovie'.

Pledge your support here.

JOELS MESSAGE from The Nursery Project on Vimeo.

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