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little quail eggs, new asparagus and sweet Le Peche

There is a quail farm in Waubra (a town we can see just off in the distance from our place). I love the little buggers. A nice mouth full of egg. Makes me feel like a giant! Untitled

I've been waiting three years to pick my first Asparagus, I've been holding off from picking juicy looking stalks for years as the word is to leave them for the first three years to allow them to establish themselves. But today I couldn't help myself, I picked three sweet little stalks. They were so fresh no knife was needed really, most of them snapped right off at the base. I gave them a quick blanch then served them over a grilled eggplant dip I made last night from the last few eggplants left over from the end of summer and autumn. A few boiled quail eggs, all sitting on a beautiful toasted bread from this amazing sweet patisserie that's based in Creswick, called Le Peche, if you're passing through town check them out. Man I love living in the country. We have such great food just on our doorstep.

Oh and if you're looking for something to read in October....this book is coming out......;-)