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living in season

The longtime readers will know that I love living seasonally. For those unaware, this basically means I try my best to eat what's in season. I live by a food calendar, and this calendar is dictated by nature. This has its benefits and its downsides. Untitled

By eating mostly what I can either grow, hunt or gather at a particular time of year, I rely less on transported whole foods that are grown in warmer climates, while it's freezing winter here. I'm opting out of having my food trucked 2,000+ kilometres to get to me. It does limit what I can eat at any given time, but it's also exciting when something comes back in season, or I find a new food source that I can plunder.


I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to a brother called Tim, who works at some flash restaurant in Castlemaine called 'The Good Table' where they cook seasonally and put foraged ingredients on the menu, including the elusive and highly prized morel mushroom. Tim and I went searching for them at one of his spots (never to be revealed...sorry) and we found a few gems. I'm not sure if it was his kind heart or an element of mere pity, but Tim gifted me the mini haul. I've never been out hunting for this mushroom, and I was waiting for someone to step into my world and take me, and now that I've popped my morel cherry I can't wait for next season...or maybe go out again tomorrow.

I grilled rabbit back strap (and sage leaves) from a hunt earlier in the week, and pan fried the morels with some of my home cured jamon. The meal produced a few sex noises. It's a goer for book #2. If there ever is a book #2.


More strange noises came from a boozy broccoli and broad bean salad earlier in the week. It's just starting to become more prevalent in my garden as I planted it much later in the season due to a house move, but I'm happy just to see those beautiful green sprouts.


I did something that I never really thought of doing earlier. I grilled the broccoli on a griddle, with a splash of (insert secret booze). The salad had a few other bits and pieces like dill and mizuna etc. It was a pearler.


I still love it when people say I live a fanciful fake life. And that it's impossible to really do what I do. I love that people don't believe me. It makes living it so much more enjoyable, because I know it's real.