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On rough count I think I've established 7 vegetable gardens from scratch over the last decade. Each time I've moved house I've selected a patch, turned the soil and planted veg. Some gardens have been substantial and some have been more of a hobby to keep that itching desire to grow food at bay. Now at the school house I've been able to go nuts. I've popped in veg into the existing patch and established two new little parcels of soil that I've enriched with stable muck and organic material. Untitled

We've planted out everything we can for this time of year. Garlic, onion, leek, parsnip, kale, peas, broad beans, lettuce, spinach, beets, broccoli, carrots, rocket, celery and all the herbs that are applicable for this time of year.


We're biting our lips with anticipation of what will come for our plates by early spring. Each time I plant I know what will eventuate from my efforts. By planting seedlings I'm future grocery shopping. I'm literally planting my meals in the ground. I can see a broccoli quiche, onion soup, broad bean tapas, roast veg, parsnip dips, tortilla....the veg meals are endless. I love that so much of my daily efforts involve me working for me meals. I love the physical effort that has the potential to transform something like a bunch of seeds into something that will excite my tastebuds and satisfy my man hunger.


I'm grateful for the help I get working the patch. It's nice to see other people getting soil under their fingernails.

And the dogs are exhausted from all the hard work!