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News Flash - shit food equates to shit health!

Look, we can't kid ourselves any longer. We've known this basic formula for years. If you eat bad food you will inevitably be unhealthy (even if you're skinny on the outside, Dad I'm looking in your direction ;-)). I started this blog years ago to document the process of real food discovery and the search for a better lifestyle. In the beginning it was about an individuals efforts to live off the land (even if it was simply my urban backyard). It was about dreaming of pretty log cabins, cosy plaid woollen hunting jackets and old pickup trucks. Well let's face it, that's never going away. But I digress.

Here I am, 38 years old, and finally I have realised something very significant. I'm not at the end of my 'food' adventure but I have had some very big light bulb moments along the way.

Even though, yes I'm still carrying some 'legacy' weight, I am happy to say that from my changes in life have had a positive outcome. How I treat my body with the food I consume and my lifestyle choices has in fact made dramatic improvements to my health and wellbeing. And as much as I hate to use that phrase 'health and wellbeing' the actual physical manifestation of that term is very imperative to me now.

So whats all the fuss? Why be healthy at all? Well the obvious benefit is that I may now live longer than somewhere just in my mid-forties (which was where I was heading). This is not really an air punch moment, but it is a personal celebration of showing what is possible for the individual.

I know there are people out there that are sick because of the food they consume and the lifestyle choices they make. I'm not judging anyone here, let me make that perfectly clear! I'm simply suggesting that I've shown at least to myself that life can be way more rad when you're healthy. I know at times, personally speaking it's been like pushing shit up a hill. So many times in my early days I'd mix bits of bad food in my diet. I'd be hungover and opt for take away. Or I'd buy a cheap nasty supermarket option. We are but humans. Flawed, beautifully flawed.

I'm also not suggesting that I'm perfect. I'm not some Venice Beach example of the perfect male form. But hows this for improvement. I can now jog 3km. The Rohan of 6 years ago could not. I probably couldn't have walked it, I was that sick. I can now spend a day of physical labour digging soil, fencing, cutting fire wood and I don't stop until the sun drops low. I love that I took that second, third and fourth chance to look after myself. And I will continue to share that story.

That's why I'm so damn keen to get the Nursery off and running. I've been gifted with this experience. I know there are people out there that would love a taste of it. And even though I speak at different events around the globe, there is nothing more powerful and real than showing someone first hand. Showing them what is possible by sharing, skills, experiences and ideas based around this amazing lifestyle that is 'the good life'.

Here is a video from a song I was very lucky to have been asked to sing at the phenomenal DO Lectures in Wales earlier this year. Thank you to David and Clare Hieatt, and Naomi for believing in me and getting my almost skinny ass to Wales to share my story.

NB: Language warning, oh and I do get a bit heated at the end.

Rohan Anderson - Shit food equals shit health. And how I used food to improve my life from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.