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If you asked me if I'm a 'foodi' I'll abruptly answer no. I like good food, I like fresh home grown food, I like wild food. I like to cook with good ingredients, but that in no way makes me gourmet, artisan or bespoke. They're all adjectives which make me cringe. If you walked up to Javier in Spain or Antonio in Italy and described them as gourmet they'd scoff at the very concept. Just because one eats chorizo, manchego, peccorino, jamon or sopressa salami it does not immediately brand them with the very western concept of a person so obsessed with food, the only time they stop talking about food is when they stuff their face with foie gras and foam laden 40cm white plates. That is a 'foodi'. A person that can afford the luxury of eating out a few times a week at over $100 a pop. This I something far out of my reach. I just can't afford it, and even if I could I'd shy away from this approach to food. My view of food is that it should be amazing, and be cooking with backyard grown produce, wild food, well raised local meats mixed with the traditional ingredients from the Spanish and Italian menu. With this approach the food so far is touring out pretty alright.Untitled This approach to keeping the food simple and true can be applied to making bread. I'm so intimidated by making fancy bread, because the reality is I just want basic bread. There are so many options from so many cultures, and I love to buy great French or Italian bread when I'm in town, and thats fine, for me when it comes to making the stuff my approach is still very simple. Untitled When I make a loaf its a plain old country job. Nothing 'gour-met'. Anyone could make it. Thats the thing I like about poor mans cooking, it's accessible for everyone. Thats what real food is. Simple to make and often made delicious purely because of the fresh ingredients used, the best of which appears to be coming straight from the back yard.
Untitled Meals like this one are not hard for me to acquire. It's more of that rabbit back strap, grilled with a serve of morel mushrooms cooked with home cured jamon and backyard sage. These are all ingredients with wild or made at home. Nothing fancy or gourmet, just delicious. Untitled