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poverty paella

Paella is a nice way to make something not so exciting become something all together rather tasty. It's a nice peasant tradition to use what you can grew, hunt or raise into something quite heartwarming. Untitled

I dispatched some roosters a while back and have been slowly working through them using them in slow cooked meals as the older roosters tend to require a little more tender care in regards to cooking. After a few hours simmering in a passata broth with freshly picked carrots, celery and onion the meat fell off the bone. I then added some meaty bull boar sausage from the Newlyn butchers a few herbs and spices like pimenton and cinnemon and eventually the rice. After a while the rice soaks up all the beautiful flavours and is ready to devour.

Served with some garlic and herb pizza slice and a cold beer make a hard days work seem a little worth while.