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rabbit cacciatore

This weeks hunt with JB was very successful for the larder, we bagged 9 rabbits! Plenty of meat for the freezer, and as per tradition I cook a rabbit that week. With the onset of spring I wanted to have something fresh and vibrant, cacciatore fitted the bill. As I sat down to devour natures bounty it dawned on me how much of this meal I had made, and it's impressive! Clear proof that the theory of growing your own and living off the land is totally plausible.

Here is the list of the ingredients I either grew or made: Parsly Rosemary Celery Garlic Chives Thyme Olive Oil (I picked and had crushed) Olives (I picked and pickled myself) Chilli Oil (my oil, my chilli) Tomato Passata (still have a bunch and I think we made the perfect amount to get us to February) Rabbit (Shot on Tuesday cooked on Friday) Chicken Stock (made from Rach's Roosters that I roasted last weekend)

Not bad eh! So it's completely possible to get decent meal on your plate, of which you've had a big part of it's production from beginning to end.

Now if I could just make Salami and tinned tomatoes!

No it wasn't Chicken Cacciatore! This is one of the roosters that my friend Rach gave us, which made the chicken stock.

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