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This morning the rain came. It's been a time since we've had a drop like this. I've missed it. Rain has a remarkable way of rewinding things. Of washing away the dust, leaving everything clean and refreshed. IMG_6464

Obstacles or challenges, what ever you wish to call them, they've been haunting me in recent times. Niggling there in the back of my mind, eating away at my resolve until there is no more. I don't know how words can explain, what words would do justice to describe what the mind attempts to calculate, what it attempts to figure out and deal with. Sometimes it's all light and fluffy and sometimes it's as dark as the heart of a storm.



A dear friend reminded me today that if I am to put my thoughts and opinions out for someone else to read, then I should expect to hear the loud roar of response, be it a somewhat unpleasant sound. It's a double edged sword, for that I will not argue. But if no voice was heard, if no hand waved, no fist clenched in anger, then would anything change?

I speak over and over again about rampant consumerism. You know it exists. It's everywhere around us. On trains, buses, trams and taxis our eyes fix on what marketing and advertising tells us what we need to spend our money on. Our society is based on behaviour that defines us as individuals, or so we like to think. These things do not define us in the way we would like, instead the define us as fools. I know this because I was a fool. I admit to my shallow past. I am ashamed but also very relieved to woken up from my slumber.


What we do as individuals in our lifetime, that is what defines us. What difference we make, how lightly or heavily we tread, these are the things of which we will be remembered by, not what we wore, who we hung with or how much we 'owned'. We have a chance to be enlightened. To think past the barriers of society, only there will we find sense, maybe even peace.

We sure have some problems in the western world, be it with food production or consumerism. If you can see the problems you surely must be able to see some solutions for your own little world. No one else will have those answers for you, I sure as hell don't have the answers for you. I have some answers for me, they may not be right, but their mine and I'm happy to accept that I often get it wrong. The greatest thing we can do is allow each other to get through it in our way. To find the solutions for a better way of living. We have the chance, right now to make a difference. I can no longer say what is good or bad. All I can do is live the way I believe to be right for me. I'll continue to live in a manner that I see has a reduced impact, a lighter print. It's not perfect, but it's my way.


That rain is always welcome here. I can hear it drop this very second. On my roof and down the gutters. It's reaching my soil, wetting my plants and preparing the garden for the next round of plants that will feed us. It's a very obvious cycle. It's a train we all ride, whether we want to or not.


Eventually the rain will reach us as we return to the earth, finished as beings, reborn in soil.