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Sharing skills in Sydney

Small and sweet. Short blonde hair, cut to a bob. Lime green eyes, innocent and pure. A consistently grubby face, dirty and grimy. Thats my little girl. My youngest. This morning we walked her to her first day of school. It all begins from here. For years to come she will learn what society deems as important and necessary. At the home front, I will continue to teach her things that maybe overlooked by the education system. Some values, ethics and the skills of practiculture. Living and working with natures wonders.

Learning is something that we should never stop doing. An obvious thing to state? Well for while there I guess I stopped learning. I found myself in quite a holding pattern. I'd go to work, earn money and entertain myself with passive activities. As my life moved towards living a more practiculture existence, I had to reconsider my approach to learning. Most everything I know about this lifestyle has come about from trial and error, in fact more error than trial. But I like it that way. The first chorizo I made, I put in too much salt. The first time I grew garlic I didn't dry it properly before storing and most of it rotted. Crops have failed, structures have crumbled and ducks have eluded my shot. All in all though, I have come out a learned individual. I'm no expert in any one thing, and I do not profess to have all the answers nor do I know everything, but I do know what works for me. If there is something I become interested in, I'll endeavour to learn the process, understand its purpose.

Passing on what we learn is vitally important. If you consider where us humans are today compared with say 100 years ago, our way of living has vastly changed. I'm not saying it's better, it's just thats its significantly changed. In fact much of what I do is derived from an age passed. I cure meat, store food for the winter, I grow and harvest, hunt and fish. In a few weeks time I'll be talking on these topics, my approach to practiculture and why I do what I do. I'd love to share with you Sydneysiders what I've learnt. I'll even go as far as showing you how to skin, gut and butcher a wild shot rabbit (of which I'll be bringing on flight from home!)

Wildwon, are co-presenting an event with Sydney Living Museums, 'Stories from the Cellar'. The event I'll be talking a is the Elizabeth Bay House, down in the cellars, where I'll talk and demonstrate along with other people sharing their knowledge on food preservation, preparation and creation. There will be cheese makers, meat curer's, fish smokers and chefs. All sharing their valuable knowledge.