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smoked trout and broad bean green breakfast bombs

What a breakfast! Smoked trout rosti kinda arrangement with some broad bean leaf to make me feel less guilty about the frying part.

Some baby spinach and a poached egg completed the brekkie along with a dollop of my kasundi relish from last summer.

There are subtle hints of spring. There still isn't a great deal of activity in the veg patch, but at least the leafy greens are growing and even though I don't have actual broad beans yet, the leaves taste just like beans and give a meal like this a nice freshness, like tasting the onset of spring really.


Looks like we're in for a healthy crop of green sprouting broccoli in a month or so too! Broccoli is a late winter/early spring delight. And it's worth the wait all year until it's in season. That's one of the rewarding things about eating as the seasons dictate. You really appreciate it when a particular type of food is in season, or when it's open hunting season or when it's growing in the wild and free to plunder. Soon we'll be munching on our fresh tommies for breakfast each morning, grilling zucchini and eggplant, and devouring fresh peas and beans.