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So very far removed

I've come to realise the I've been on the outer for so long now that the inside seems to make little sense. A few moments have presented themselves of late, moments that lead me to think about the person I used to be, the lifestyle I used to lead and where I find myself this very day. A few chance meetings with various folk has shown me the ravine of contrast in how lives are lead.  The contrast in what we see as valuable, and what we aspire to achieve, receive and acquire. I cannot divulge what these chance encounters involved or with who. I cannot outline either parties personal choices in life, understanding that if this information were to be shared on such a forum there would be great debate and possibly damming retribution.

I can however say that I am becoming more and more convinced that where we are heading as a race of animals is a bad place. I can say without fear of retribution, I can declare without a second guess, that the western culture, the culture that has spread globally will sound the downfall for the race of man as we know it.

There seems to be very little evidence of holding back or slowing down the consuming. Although there are some in the public arena that are asking questions, or are actively trying to make change, the sad reality is that it's the mega numbers of humans that are just ticking along, enjoying the ride, mindlessly working the machine. This my brothers and sisters, is what we have become. One giant machine. Billions of us.

We measure success in monitory terms. In ownership of wealth. We display our wealth by the brand of car we drive, the logo on our shirts the label on our footwear. You can gauge a persons success by the restaurant they dine at, the theatre they attend and the golf course they play. We idolise people as if they where Gods, when in fact they are all just as us, human when they feed, poo, fart and wee.

We still live by the approach of use and discard, with so many unnecessary things that adorn our houses, cars and offices. As advanced and modern as we are we continue to judge people in an archaic way, still defining race, religion or sexual preference and then making judgements of other humans based on these categories. The divide between rich and poor is the greatest in human history, and continues to extend.

We follow the next trend like sheep to a feed lot, be it fashion, hobby or food. Fermenting is rad, beards are still in, but catch on dude, foam on a plate it so passé. In a desperate attempt to be unique we embrace the likes of artisan, boutique, sustainable, gourmet and bespoke.

You may think I sound cynical or angry. You've made the right assumption.

Do you think anyone needs to be accountable? We're all accountable. All of us.

So what are we to do? How many people are mindful enough to firstly identify there is something drastically wrong with the current system, and secondly do something, anything to make a difference.

After all we can all say… "It's my planet too you know."