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steamed wild duck and super broccoli

Someone asked me recently how I learnt to cook and I replied, by quite observation and plenty of research. Last week in Richmond (Thai & Vietnamese capital of Melbourne) I saw a dude pull out a steamed chicken from some cheap looking steaming machine and the thought struck me, I wonder if that would be an approach to a gentler cook for lean wild duck. So I set up a bird in the steaming pot on the hob and 50 minutes later I had a beautifully steamed whole duck. I shredded the meat and used it in a risotto that fed a few hungry (semi intoxicated) blokes that were visiting the school house. They went back for seconds so the new approach to gently steaming wild meat worked on some level. In fact one bloke had thirds. His risotto consumption may have been a result of a man hunger caused by heavy consumption of imported fancy beer. Either way I was pretty stoked to have a softer way to cook that wild bird thats always been a bit tricky to roast. The wild birds do tend to dry out if you don't keep the temp low and slow. Untitled

That was one food victory. The second was when I was preparing some green sprouting broccoli for a pasta when my three year old daughter dragged a chair up the bench and asked permission to snack on raw broccoli. See munched, while I watched, in pure parenting joy. You can choose to feed your kids junk food or you can choose to give them real food. It's your choice.