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I've been hauled up in bed this afternoon, my back has finally set me straight… rest damn you! I hate resting. Actually allow me to rephrase that, I despise being idle. And laying on my back for half a day is just a plain waste of time, but after weeks of serious pain I've finally decided to let my body tell me what it needs. Chronic back pain is physically exhausting too, and most days I'm tired in the afternoon, maybe that's why the siesta was invented, for people with shagged backs!! IMG_7644 IMG_7645

So laying here in bed I decided to be some what practical and posted a whole heap of stuff on eBay. A few months ago we had a market stall and sold a lot of stuff we figured we no longer needed, as part of our philosophy of living with less stuff. But this is stuff that I once needed, or things I have two of. When I sell stuff on eBay I can't help myself and have a little fun with the descriptions. People on eBay are so serious so I like to add a little pepper to their day. Talking of pepper… check out the neat Parkers Nuts S&P shakers for sale. It's hard parting with some stuff, like my very first camera and old loved knives and camping gear. But someone else surely can get more use out of them rather than them sitting on a shelf at my place.


My eBay page is here. I've listed a bunch of stuff, I need to money to pay my Chiropractor for my back treatment!!!