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SUMMER VEG - EGGs - PORK - LAMB boxes are back!

Guys, if you live in Melbourne and want to get a big box of organic veg, eggs, and free range pork and lamb you can. This is our third summer season now supplying Melbourne punters with real food and we're excited the season is back! So what's in the box? Well the veg box is full of about 12-15kg of fresh picked organic veg with a little bit of fruit. The types of veg differ as the growing season progress, which will give you a true indication of whats really seasonal. The type of veg does change over the season but normally you will find, zucchini, tomato, cabbage, carrot, potato, corn, kale, chard, onion, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, chilli, pumpkin, daikon, parsnip, beetroot, basil. Later in the season some apples, pears, walnuts and chestnuts may appear depending on the harvest.

It's no bullshit, real food. It's mostly picked the day before delivery based on your paid order. It's a mixed selection of whats come from Rod's farm.

The Eggs are from Daylesford organics, which we couldn't get last year which disappointed a lot of people because they loved them. But they're back!

The meat is from The Farmers Larder also in Daylesford, but this year they've got lambs for sale, so you can order either a lamb pack, pork pack or a mixed meat pack.

The system remains the same (see here)

You order and pay by each Thursday 9am cut off. (I will be strict this year ;-)) and we deliver on the Saturday.

We deliver at the times stated on the website, and you arrive between these times, and I'll then pass you your food.

If you're new to the system please read over the details for delivery to avoid not arriving and then being disappointed. Remember, if you don't arrive you loose the box, and the payment, as we pick the veg based on your order. It's a degradable commodity. Sorry guys.