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The last few weeks have been pretty rough. Emotionally it's been rather challenging. I've let outside distractions dictate my headspace. No matter how much I try to not allow certain things to happen, there are so many things out of my control. How I deal with these situations varies, and the last few weeks I reckon I could have done a better job. I'm constantly reminded that I'm at times a weaker man than I'd like to be. Not weak as in the tough, manly stereotype but as in being a better thinker, a better do-er. I'm not sure if those past few lines make much sense to you, but they sure do to me. As I tossed and turned last night, listening to the strong summer winds rattle the old roof, I thought long and hard about the recent events. I've let things get to me, and it's not the kind of situation that I work so hard for. I want simplicity, I want to prove to myself that there is a perfectly suited way to live my life, it may not be applicable to everyone but it's what I strive for.

I want to continue to be active in ensuring the three important things to survive are sorted out. Food. Water. Shelter.

That's the triple threat to our survival. It's a hard life without all three, and in this past week this threesome of survival elements has been challenged.

Some things I can't control, but I can sort out two elements with a little hard work, and it continues to be my goal to take more responsibility for our food. In fact I've worked very hard these last few months preparing for the warm season crop and it's finally here. And it's meals like this one that represent to me the very essence of my goal - food that's been prepared by me, made from ingredients that I'm proud to say are from my semi-self sufficient life choice. Our eggs, onion, chives, spinach. I even made the bread (sorry I can't make my own flour). I dressed it with goats cheese which is Meredith's...local for me.

It's something that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's something anyone can do in their backyard. It's a meal that represents to me what is achievable. Sure it's basic, but it covers one of the elements of our survival triple threat. And if we get bare bones, that's what we're all doing. Just trying to survive.