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I have this burning desire, I want to build my own home. Not a big home, just something simple and with plenty of character. Untitled

I've been in a few houses that have been hand built by the owner/occupier and I'm always flabbergasted by the uniqueness and feats of human capability and ingenuity.


I love the challenge of starting with raw materiel's and constructing something that can last for years as a shelter and place of comfort. This weekend I'm felling timber to start work on a small cabin project, it's really a practice for a bigger project.


I'm really walking blind with this build, nonetheless I can't wait to see the results and am eager to develop new wood skills.


There will come a day when I have some coin and spot that perfect patch of soil in the hills I'll construct my own house with these two hands. After working in the garden and working the farm by day, I will no doubt crack the top of a coldie and put my feet up on the couch, warm my toes by the fire and smile that smile of contentedness.


Images courtesy of The Yard