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Taking backroads

Opting for the backroads is not just an approach for getting from A to B. It's also whatever alternative route you choose other than the main more obvious path. I'm all for taking the long way round, those roads with no hitchhikers, no large groups of lycra clad riders and not a sign of the  weekend tourist driver. The rougher the surface, the more remote, or the more bordered in bush the better. The same can be said about an approach to living. I don't believe that it's about going against the tide, it's more so just taking a different path to get to a similar destination. The previous version of me, he always took the safe road. In life I'd often chose the path that was the brightest lit, the best paved and the clearest in direction. I can't take that path any more. I've avoided that route for years now, and my now preferred alternate route takes me everywhere I need to go. Be it in snow, rain or hail.


If you're keen on taking that back road you will find that you may be late, you may learn something new and no doubt you may disappoint, aggravate and frustrate some people that may be waiting for you at the end of the journey. You just have to stay the course. You just have to drive whatever way you think is best for you.


I took my truck on one of those journeys that was both literal and metaphorical. At the end was the prise of an oak forest that housed more of the beautiful lilac wood blewitts. They've made the most gnarly meals that are fast becoming new winter favourites. Slow cooked bunny, blewits and bows (farfalle) is surely one of those new to my list of winter food traditions. It's a dish made extra turbo with a few slices of my new Jamon, (aged 9 months from that big old sow we butchered last year), mascarpone and peccorino. It's most definitely a take on the classic creamy mushroom and chicken sauce, but it's the backroad version. Another example where taking the alternative route, and choosing a lost path will give you something new to experience and possibly treasure. This meal is triple awesome.


Wild food. . .who in their right mind would choose wild food over conventionally grown food? It's 2014, not 1814. We have the technology. Opting for the backroad in this case is one hell of a journey. I used to care knowing that what I was doing was quite different to the norm, but now I couldn't care less. I just enjoy doing whatever it is that I like doing. Someone once asked me "whats with this hunter gatherer ego trip?" The truth is I don't know. Only thing I'm sure of is that it's definitely not an ego trip, it's a life choice. A choice to live a particular way that I've embraced for life.

The upside? Well I get to have rad experiences for myself and I share many of these moments with my little family. My version #2 family. The one I've made with lovers, past and present. Us and our kids, our motley cure, our band of gypsies, travelling down backroads together, looking for a more adventurous and meaningful alternative.

We work together, we cook together, we grow and learn together. We have no set path, but we never lose our way.

Life's too short not to take the alternative. You may just find your way by getting a little lost.