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Tale of two Cakies

I love a good metaphor. And I reckon the one in this story is a pearler. I've lived two adult lives.

Life #1. I ate processed food. I was unhealthy as a result.

Life #2. I ate real food. My health improved.

This past week my dear schmoopy poopy honey bunch cuddle pie ran another segment in her series of 'Lunch Lady Vs The World'. The idea is to compare two versions of a dish, the packaged processed version and the real food version.

This week she challenged a packet carrot cake mix.

This segment states the full ingredient lists of both meals, which often has my mouth dragging on the floor in disbelief. There is also a stop watch which records the exact time both meals take to make, and there is a breakdown of the process involved to make both versions of the food.


The purpose of this segment is to present two versions of food, and allow the reader to decide which version is applicable for their life. Maybe there's also an element of hope, hope that the information may inspire someone to cook real food from scratch.

The carrot cake segment was a challenge for me personally. It reminded me of my old way of living, cue metaphor. The carrot packet mix had 2% carrot in it. Yes you read correctly, I said 2% carrot!

It's just plain disturbing that an item of 'food' called Carrot Cake can actually be promoted to us even though it only contains 2% carrot. The carrot cake tale IS the metaphor for our current food system.


Now lets not get caught up in the carrot cake mix itself. Let's look at other food examples. Like ham products. Some ham is actually made not just from pork meat, but reconstructed parts from other animals with 'ham flavouring' added to it. No, that's not a joke. A guy from the pork factory near us shared this info with us the other day. Or the good old chicken nugget. Google that one for an real stomach churning eye opener.

The point I'm trying to make is that a lot of what my generation has grown up to think is food, isn't actually food. It's some weird concoction of mixed ingredients and additives that's not doing our health any favours and is hard on our environment.

I get plenty of comments and emails telling me to shut up and stop preaching, but the 2% carrot cake is what drives me to continue. This is clearly not right. How can I not stop saying this. It concerns me. It's not right that we are fed these products, the cost to us is too high. And I say that proudly because I've lived through it.

I have about 2 weeks of tablets remaining of blood pressure medication that I've been taking for about 6 years. My blood pressure was off the charts as a result of my diet and lifestyle choices. It's been quite a journey to fix myself. Earlier this year my doctor was shocked to see how much my blood pressure had dropped (I had been avoiding him for a few years). He halved my dosage and asked me to return in a few months (I avoided him again, it's been six months). He said there is a very high chance he will be taking me off the medication. He said what ever you've been doing, it's working.

After I finish writing this post I'm calling the doctor to make an appointment. My hope is that my blood pressure has normalised and I can finally stop being medicated for my lifestyle induced hyper tension.

Over the years writing on Whole Larder Love I've shared my food and 'good life' journey. It's only now that I feel like I've reached a milestone of improving my quality of life. No longer do I eat the 2% carrot cake style food, I eat real food. And the results speak for themselves.

I want people to now see how much of a positive difference eating real food and living the good life can make to a life. And it's not necessarily about moving to the country and living off the land. It's about making better choices where ever we live, be it city, coast or country.

Thank God for that 2% carrot cake mix to remind me of my past. I wish for more people to see the light, to taste and enjoy the benefits of eating the real carrot cake.