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taste that pea-ness

Wow Spring has come and gone, and as a result we've cropped bags of peas and beans. In early spring we were super excited about the future crop of peas, we were a bit naughty and often nibbled on the young shoots on the pea bushes. They taste very much like peas in fact I like to hand some fresh leaves to a newbie, and ask them if they can taste the pea-ness flavour. Sometimes they agree that the pea-ness flavour is a winner. Sometime they slap me in the face for using foul language. We've cropped most of the season's crop, the rest we podded and froze and bagged in 1 cup portions. The broad beans (farva) we've eat like crazy this time of year. A lot of Aussies don't know the best way to eat this little spring gem. I don't care really, as I'm often gifted with unwanted beans!!!!

It's officially summer. But hell, you wouldn't know it. It's currently 8.1 degrees and raining. I was going to walk the river with the fly rod this morning but I might leave it for another time.