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The bullshit food haze

Low fat. Low Salt. Added Fibre. Reduced fat. Reduced Sugar. All natural colouring and flavour. It’s a haze of food bullshit.


For years I was so confused. I’d walk those damn isles scratching my head, trying to make the most informed decision about the food I was buying. I also used to opt for the cheapest option, regardless of understanding why it was so cheap. Things have changed.

In 2014 food is bewildering. Just like all the other ‘information’ we’re fed, it’s skewed towards what they want you to hear. Yes that just sounded very conspiracy theorist. Stay with me please.

For example, (and this may get me in a lot of trouble here). Consider the amount of news we’re getting on ISIS and Syria. Or Australia’s recent spate of ‘home grown’ terrorist arrests. It’s pretty big news for the western world right? It seems like the whole damn thing is falling down around us. Well in a way the show almost winding up, with wild tuna stocks in jeopardy, ocean temperatures all over the place and the ice is still melting away, what have the Romans ever done for us?

But there is a more immediate problem thats knocking out us westerners and in big numbers too. Unfortunately the issue though is rather cloudy, it’s almost consumed within it’s own complexity. I write about this issue over and over again, and I will do so until I finally disappear like the wild tuna.

 Modern processed food is slowly but surely killing us off, or at least making our lives miserably unhealthy.

And the pharmaceutical companies are rubbing there hands together and I’m a living example. As soon as it was discovered that I had hyper-tension I was administered blood pressure medication - Micardis. As soon as I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression I was immediately medicated with Lexipro. These two health problems are linked to diet.

Whether you believe in the science that suggests that it’s sugar or grain oils that are the culprit, or fat, salt, pesticides, herbicides or maybe you believe its the added sulphites or nitrates.

It doesn’t really matter what you or I believe to be as the individual culprit. The reality is that pretty well much all modern processed foods have changed our health in one way or another, not for better, but for worse.

The only real way to avoid the problem is to eat real food.

Nothing fancy. Just real bloody food. Food that’s grown without anything added but love. We should be eating meat that’s come from animals that haven’t lived a shit existence. In fact we should eat less meat. I suggest we each find an ethical farmer and support them for life.

I don’t have all the answers. But I do know what my past is. I know that I was sick because of my lifestyle choices, of what I ate and how I got sucked into fast paced, unbalanced work/life balance.

I do know that by making changes in my life, by learning to live like a peasant, to grow, hunt, and forage like a hipster, that I’ve made an improvement to my health and happiness (start burning incense now). And although that is a triple rad outcome, I think what’s even more rewarding is the whole process of how I live now. For example, I recently dug over the soil where last summers poly tunnel was. The soil has been resting all winter, primarily because my poly tunnel was destroyed by fierce winds. But as I dug into the soil, I felt such an odd sense of familiarity, like the soil has been part of my life for so long now. I have memories of digging over garden beds as a kid, and I’m almost 40 and I’m still doing it! And is’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Aren’t we supposed to be involved in what keeps us alive? What fuels us? There is something indescribable about that feeling I have in regards to raising my own food.



So many emotions and feelings erupt when I eat food that I’ve made literally from seed. I think that’s whats been giving me balance and clarity over the last few years. But I’m still learning! I’m still on the journey.




Today I sent off a few copies of my books off to some important people that I hope can help us out with the Nursery Project, and happened to flick upon a page in my old book with a recipe that had ‘tuscan sausage’ in it. What the hell is Tuscan sausage anyway? I probably bought it from a butcher no doubt, which I don’t often do these days, preferring to make them myself. But the point I’m making is that seeing the old me, the one that bought ‘tuscan sausage’ highlighted how much I’ve changed and learnt over these last three years even just since the books completion. I mean I didn’t even know what was really in those sausages. (I’ve since found out that the pork that supplies that butcher is factory farmed and every sausage has preservatives added).




I’m still learning but now I’m also teaching. It’s an amazing process.

I’m wrapped to launch the Nursery Project website today.

It’s a big project, for sure, and it’s the next progression for us. To pass on and share what we know in the hope that it might bring some goodness to the community of us. Us the people. You know, the ones that are born from a mother and a father. Just us. Humans. Mad Love.





Some light reading for you here: Colorectal Cancer Epidemiology: Incidence, Mortality, Survival, and Risk Factors