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The Return of The Whole Larder Love Veg Boxes - AND MEAT!!!!

Elsewhere in Australia its been a stinking hot start to the summer. However, here deep in the rolling hills of the Central Highlands, its been a slow start to summer. The vegetables have struggled to get motivated, but finally they're growing as each warm day passes. Putting my talk/ideas/belief about sustainable food into action, we'll once again be delivering fresh organic vegetables down to Melbourne for those people looking to tick their 'good food' boxes. This produce is grown just over an hour out of the city, its certified organic and its picked fresh based on your order. Its delicious too!


For those not aware of the system, let me explain.

We sell two boxes of real food. A box of assorted organic vegetables (and some fruit) ($55 - approx. 10-15kg) A box of Free Range Pork and meat (sourced from the Farmers Larder) ($57 - approx. 2-2.5kg)

What do you need to do? Place your order via the shop website (click here) The veg will then get picked in the following two days We then deliver your box one of the four locations in Melbourne (click here) You cook and enjoy the veg!

Simple enough system?



Some things you may not be used to if you've just been eating supermarket veg and meat.

1. Its organic veg - zero chemicals 2. Its picked fresh the day before you collect it thus ensuring major culinary delight 3. The veg will vary in size shape and show all signs of nature 4. The veg isn't washed until you wash it in your kitchen saving being washed multiple times 5. The veg will change each week as the season progresses. i.e. you're eating seasonally 6. The veg hasn't travelled interstate or overseas 7. The veg doesn't come wrapped in plastic, we re-use styrofoam boxes week in week out 8. The meat is all free range, free of preservatives and hormones and tastes like meat should

We have some simple rules. Please arrive at one of the four locations. If you fail to pick up your box we donate it to a family that needs it. We don't deliver to your door. We will provide a veg box hotline so you can call to advise if you're running late. Please bring back your empty veg box as we'll re-use it and fill it up the next time you order from us.

THE MEAT PACK!!!!! For $57, you'll get a pack of 2-2.5kg of tasty free range, local pork direct from us, small farmers producing artisan meat 10 mins north of Daylesford. An examples of the type of cuts you can expect to find in the pack include a mix of preservative free sausages made with fresh herbs and spices, pork belly, chops, steaks, cutlets, mince, hock and/or ribs. Please let us know if you're gluten free (as our sausages are made the traditional British way - with bread crumbs) Delivered in refrigerated van - we suggest you bring an esky bag or box to transport home.



If you're keen and as excited as we are then place your order here.

We make the first delivery on the 25th January, then every Saturday until the growing season comes to a close around June.

Remember guys. This system only works if we get support. Unfortunately we no longer offer the Daylesford Organic Eggs as that family decided to close shop after a decade of trying to make a simple living from providing organic eggs to the city. Small holders will only survive with your support. So please tell your family, your friends and even your co-workers about the system. Lets make it work!