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The rocket and holy goat

I got my hands on some delicious goats' ricotta, well actually I think it's called a Fromage Frais to be more technical. I'm no cheese expert, and I used it as I would a ricotta and I made gnocchi for lunch. The cheese is made by Holy Goat, not like a religious goat from the heavens, it's just the brand of the cheese. Confused? Let's just say it's goats ricotta and it's delicious. I remember watching a documentary on the two cheese-making ladies behind 'Holy Goat' as they struggled through a harsh drought for a few years. Poor buggers. I assume they pulled through ok because their cheese is available here and there. I got mine from a food swap, veg for cheese. Nice score too I think. One day we'd love to get some goats and make our own cheese...I just have to convince the landlord or rent a paddock off the next door neighbours, then of course I have to con someone teach us how to make cheese! In any case, here is the run down on how to make a rocket pesto with gnocchi.

Step one: Plant rocket in your garden.

Step two: Employ the services of children to help harvest rocket

Step three: Mix egg, flour, manchego cheese and ricotta in bowl. Form dough

Step four: Make balls then roll out into long sausages, then cut into dumplings and score with fork

Step five: Process a bunch of rocket, manchego cheese, pine nuts and olive oil to make a pesto. Boil the gnocchi until it floats to the top then mix into pesto. Serve. Enjoy.

*Disclaimer. If you fail to complete step one, the meal usually falls apart in a heap.