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the Spring Man-wich

It's been a busy few weeks at the WLL residence. Well, to be honest, I've hardly been there. Instead I've been sitting in radio studios chatting, giving talks, meeting with people and signing books. The outcome is that I've meet some really interesting people doing really interesting things and I've shared my food story and philosophy with many people. And for that opportunity I am grateful. I'm back at the old house and glad to be home, I need to focus my attention on a bit of real living. The veg garden is ticking along and when I get a meal that features ingredients from the patch I'm a satisfied man.

This humble focaccia lunch was a ripper. I cut out the back strap from a hare I shot a few weeks ago, and even though the back strap is the most tender of cuts from hare and rabbit, I still give it a bash to tenderize just to be sure. A sprinkle of pepper and a glug of olive oil then it went on the griddle for a quick grill.


The green stuff came from the patch. Watercress, French breakfast radish and Cos lettuce. For a kick I used my Kasundi (chilli tomato chutney) and some chili sauce for good measure.

A bit of fried chorizo (from the best Spanish grocery store in Australia, Casa Iberica) and feta cheese and then I figured there wasn't much more room for any more ingredients so I proceeded to devour.


I'm happy that winter weather is slowing down and the temperature will climb higher and higher with more days above 20C. That's when the soil warms up, the leaves got photosynthesis mad, and the veg becomes the hero of almost every dish. Hello Spring!