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The veg must come back.

Remember the first time you opened the lid of the veg box? All that fresh food picked the day before. So fresh there was still a layer of that rich volcanic soil on it! IMG_1016

When you cooked with it you could taste each unique flavour, finding out that simply roasting these gems was one of the best ways to enhance those beautiful flavours. You may have even pulled out some veg that you'd never cooked with before. The Daikon was a surprise for me! Something that I'd never cooked with let alone eaten, but I did enjoy exploring new flavours. I can't deny that simply enjoying the classic veg was the true joy of those boxes. Corn so fresh I'd simply peel and eat! Carrots that when roasted where sweet and full of flavour. Those sweet little apples, cold out of the fridge on a hot day, oh my! The plentiful beetroots made delicious poached for a salad with goats cheese, mint and walnuts, or roasted and blended for a soup.

I think anyone that got a veg box, would agree the value for fresh certified organic is phenomenal. When that lid is removed and you pull each item out one after another, after another, you realise how much great food will be made from these humble ingredients. That very same produce is growing in the soil right as you read this.


The broccoli has sprouted, the pumpkins have germinated and the potatoes are buried in the soil trying desperately to pop up and greet the sunshine. Spring is finally here, soon summer will come and our veg boxes will follow suite.


We plan to deliver the first of our weekly drops offs to the city Saturday 4th January. The same system applies as last your, where you book and pay via the website and meet us at the designated drop off points. The only change is that we've teamed up with a selection of cafes and restaurants for our drop of points. We figured you might like a coffee after picking up your tucker! We've also added a new suburb to the list, Abbotsford, for all our eastside buddies.


So place your order, lock it in. Tell your friends. Buy food that's grown just outside of Melbourne. Organic, chemical free goodness. Reduced carbon footprint and good eating grub! Win Win!