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The Wandawega Schedule

I've had a few people ask about the schedule for the weekend workshop in Wandawega, so I got myself organised and put one together. As per usual it's all subject to confirmation especially in regards to sourcing the materials and livestock needed. It's a jammed packed weekend of skills sharing. By the end of it I will have shared a great deal of what I apply in my daily life. I remember once paying a few thousand dollars to learn Photoshop at a two day workshop. This workshop is much cheaper and the skills are real world applicable. And it's Wandawega dudes. Come on! Have you seen this place?

I have 8 passes remaining. Email me if you have any questions.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin, 23rd-24th August.


The Morning Session 9am - 12pm (with tea break) RABBIT & POULTRY

1. How to dispatch a chicken 2. Pluck skin and gut technics 3. Butchery, break down of different cuts and cooking techniques for game and home poultry 4. Cooking demo - Spanish Rabbit Slow cook - and Rabbit and Chorizo Burgers

Lunch 12:30 - 2pm Rabbit and Chorizo Burgers


The Afternoon Session 2pm - 4pm (with tea break) TROUT

1. Trout cleaning and basic filleting 3. Butterfly filleting 4. Preparing trout for cold smoking 5. Cold smoking Vs Hot smoking 6. Curing trout (Gravlax) 7. Lake visit for fly fishing casting 8. Setting yourself up for for fly fishing

Dinner 6:30pm Spanish Rabbit Slow cook with matched wine



The Morning Session 9am - 12pm (with tea break) FLOUR

1. Make your own sourdough starter 2. Get to know your starter. Its alive. How to keep it alive. 3. How to make a no-kneed sourdough loaf. 4. How to make Farfalle, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Fettichini to Paperdelle 5. How to make a pizza dough

Lunch 12:30 - 2pm PIZZA & BEER with locally sourced ingredients

2pm - 4pm (with tea break) SALUMI

1. How to cure a panchetta, roll it, rope it for dry cure 2. How to make your own Bacon 3. How to make chorizo 4. How to cure a leg of pork (Jamon/prosciutto)

Dinner 6:30pm THE FINAL FEAST