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Veg boxes make Nursery Project a reality

It's been another lovely growing season but like all good things it's coming to the end. Autumn weather has definitely arrived, last night the apparent temp was 2.8C, suffice to say we had the fire roaring and blankets on. Untitled-1

The cool weather means that veg growing also begins its slow down. The warm loving plants like tomato, zucchini, corn and pumpkin are all starting to finish off. In a few months we will be relying on winter greens for our meals, and if the hunting season is successful we will pair winter greens with wild meat for some hearty winter tucker. While the veg is still around I suggest that we make the most of it for the remaining weeks it's available.


There is a side benefit to supporting the veg box scheme. Every buck we make in profit we are putting towards buying land to build the Nursery Project. So every box sold helps us make the dream of having a permanent venue to run real food workshops, a place to set up a demonstration veg patch, an established orchard and plenty of space to house useful animals a reality. It's a win win really. You buy a box of organic veg and fruit, we get some more money towards the Nursery Project. So in a a way you are inadvertently financially supporting this project. The Nursery Project is a big financial undertaking, we have come a long way but we need to continue to raise more funds to set this baby up, the win win veg boxes system seems like an ideal approach. Over the last two years selling veg boxes has provided our family with another source of income, just like any other small self owned business. But now I'm saving the money we'd be living off to set up a much bigger dream. Something I see real value and purpose in. Anyway, enough dream talk! Please spread the word on the internet, all of the internets. Tell your mates to buy a veg box and be an investor in something worthwhile.


Oh and for the international people that have asked about buying boxes to be donated, you can do so, and the veg box will be dropped off to the Ballarat Soup Bus which provides meals for people doing it tough on the streets of Ballarat.

So please spread the word. The last two weeks have been very quiet with everyone on easter holidays. But we're all back now, lets eat veg!

Veg boxes, Lamb, Pork and Eggs available here.