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viva la jamon!

Good things take time. In regards to curing a leg of pork this saying rings loudly and true. This is my third year curing the legs of the curly tailed beast. And to date I've been continually impressed with the results. It's a strong ham flavour (duh that's obvious Ro), but it melts in your mouth like Spanish jamon. And it's made in the same basic way it is in Spain, it's just that my pork comes from Western Victoria and they're not feed a diet of acorns to dictate the flavour. I've been told by foodie purists that I shouldn't cure any old leg of pork, that it has to be from some special pig. Well they can have their opinions, I'll listen to them as the jamon melts in my mouth and puts that cheeky old smile on my face.

A before and after...13 months in fact.


This year I've decided to put two on the go. One will last a very long time, as the flavour is pretty strong so not much is needed in cooking or as a tapa. Last year I rubbed in some booze just as I removed it from the salt cure, but I don't think it made much of a difference. This year I think I'll rub over some cracked pepper corns collected from Kate's Dad in Bruny Island. It's from Bruny Island, so that should keep the foodies happy. Apparently anything from there is special. Apparently.


Viva La Jamon!