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I never figured I'd be a teacher of any kind, but life has a funny way of leading you down unusual paths. My first workshop series ever is almost coming to a close, it's now a time for reflection, learning, planning for next year and possibly a short rest. IMG_0983-1

I've learnt a great deal from teaching people the basic skills that are very much a part of my daily life. In the beginning I struggled to fathom that folk even wanted to learn some of these skills, but each time a workshop came around, people arrived with open minds and hearts of gold.



How I've been humbled by the many and varied stories, backgrounds and ideas from the people who have attended. People that now have some new skills under their belt, but they've left something with me, often driving me to be a better teacher. Well in reality I'm simply a facilitator of ideas. I do pass on skills, but often it's at the end of the workshop, around the old shearers table, where I hear how the workshop has changed the way people think about certain things, how its quite possibly the catalyst for some new change in their lives. That's worth a great deal to me.

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I go to great lengths to explain that what I do is not the only way but it is the way that works for me, and if you embrace that particular technique and incorporate it into your world then so be it. My role is to share what I've learnt. It's up to you what you do with that information.


I have to extend a very warm thank you to everyone who participated this year. It's been a real pleasure meeting you all, sharing experiences and making memories. There's been some really touching moments, some hilarious gags and ripper tucker. And even though I'm the one out the front teaching, its often me that's the one learning something from you all.

IMG_0978-2 IMG_0968-1

Next year's workshops have a whole bunch of new things that I'll cover and a few that my partner Kate will teach too. There's lots to share, I hope you come along and secure a place and be a part of our family for a weekend, especially the mega passata day!





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