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With your help the project will succeed

Quite simply, I love the simple life. It took me half of my adult life to figure it out but I'm here now, and I love it. If you've been a long time reader here, you'd know about the journey I've been on. You'd know about the personal challenges, the failed crops, the successful hunts, the days spent doing tasks that revolve around food the good life. We are a family that actively tries its best to live lighter. We eat real food and we celebrate nature's beauty. I was asked recently how I came to be where I am. And I don't really know myself. I guess it's just been a number of years, one after the other, learning new things, finding out new information and building a skill set that's imperative to make it in this simple way of living.

There isn't much to our 'team'. Just two adults and four little girls. Everything us adults do is primarily to provide a good world for the kids. It's so very important to us. And that's what drives us to make the Nursery Project happen. Our goal is to share our lives, the 'good life' with as many people as want to attend. We want it to not only be about teaching food skills but also a place for people to escape, to be free, to contemplate, to question and leave feeling either of clear mind or loaded with more questions. We live in a world we're constantly told what to buy, what to think and how to act. Personally speaking, I've not been listening to that mainstream message, and my live is better for it.

We want the Nursery to be a place we're you can become free (and also learn a bunch of interesting skills).

Today, whilst working in the veg garden, we got our film crew together and made a little video. Our family made the video together. On our high tech telephones! As you can see we have a massive budget ;-) We really need you're help. The 'success' of this project is about positively impacting peoples lives. We haven't invented a drone hover camera or a glow in the dark toaster, what we're trying to achieve is providing positive experiences for our fellow humans.


I know what we're doing in the rewards system for this crowd funding project is not normal. And I guess I thought that there where people out there that wanted to see something good like this happen. And I hope you're out there. Because right now, our world could do with something good for a change.

If the project is to have any success it will be your doing. It will be because you helped get it off the ground. If you can't support the project, please share it online.

Oh and we've reduced the amount we're attempting to raise. We have been offered some very amazing support for the project. But we still need capital to build loads of infrastructure.

The silly season is coming up soon. Billions of dollars will be spent on useless items that will end up as land fill. Use you money wisely and invest in something that has a social benefit. Or buy a Furby. The choice is yours.

Everyone that contributes now gets a temporary 'Kale and the Gang' Tattoo and your name etched on the honours wall in the mess hall. Please help. Every dollar counts.

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