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A while back I sat on a small stage, next to me was a man that made me feel both incrediably nervous and tremendously inspred at the same time. Joel Salatin is for some the high priest of sustainable farming and preaches about the benefits the world would gain if we were more considerate consumers and smarter farmers. s

Before I started to interview him we chewed the fat, speaking mostly of our ideas and concerns of the current food system. I guess it's no surprise that we have similar beliefs and ideals on the subject! One thing Joel told me, that has stuck in my mind ever since, was a story about a bloke back in the states, that sourced food grown in the country and delivered it straight to the consumers (all of us) in the city.

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This guy was basically doing what used to happen years ago, when the producers would take the raw food items into the city and sell them to the people that didn't have veg gardens or lack the capability to raise back yard animals for meat. It's such a brilliant idea, so simple. It leaves the supermarkets for dead. It means you get to eat seasonally, you get to eat food that's grown on the outskirts of the city, therefore reducing your food miles and best of all, your eating fresh organic produce with not a chemical in sight.



Since that night with Joel, I've had a few people approach me and ask to either promote their version or ask me to partner in a similar set up. As much as I agree with the idea I've just been run off my feet and unable to consider it. That is until I was at a mate's winery and bumped into his veg growing brother, who just happened to tell me that he's loaded with organic veg right now. I left without giving it a thought, that is until 2am that following night. That's when the crazy ideas start, the witching hour. So often I get asked by city dwellers “I like your ideas on eating backyard grown, organic, and minimising food miles but I live in the city with no space to grow my own veg… what can I do?”… with that in mind I asked myself if there would be people that like to get their hands on this beautiful veg, as it's a real box ticker. It's certified organic, it's grown just outside Melbourne, and best of all it's picked the day before you get your hands on it, making it the freshest you can get (not like the long shelf life veg of the supermarket variety).



Now heres the rub. To keep the food miles low, I will be dropping the veg boxes to two central locations, one northside and one south side. Details of drop off points can be found on the shop site.  


Organic Seasonal Veg Box $48

So whats in the box? Lots of veg!!!! It's amazing value. When I got the first box I was blown away! In fact I felt like my backyard veg growing was rather insignificant, seeing that I could get a weeks worth of veg for such a good price. The veg is whats available within your current season, and being summer its mega veg. This first box has:


Tomato, Potato, Carrots, Beetroot, Lettuce, Daikon, Turnip, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Black Kale, Blue Kale, Broccoli and even Apples. In a few weeks time there'll be more tomatoes and even better.....we'll have corn!



Daylesford Organics Eggs $10

And to complement the veg we've got eggs for sale from our mates down the road at Daylesford Organics. (They're true free range chooks, the way chooks should be kept, out in the paddock under the fruit trees rummaging through the long grass… and the eggs are delish)


How does it work? Simply click here to go to the new Whole Larder Love Food Community Shop and place your order. We're planning on the first drop off to Melbourne on Saturday 9th February. Our drop off points will be: 9:00am SOUTHSIDE: St Kilda Primary School 10:15am NORTHSIDE: Merri Creek Primary School 11:30am WESTSIDE: Footscary Primary School All orders need be received by COB Wednesday for that weekend's drop off.