Wonder twins activate!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share some news.

My clever partner has been working furiously on all things nerdy and computery and has created us a new site. We have joined forces and now have one place online where you can order a whole bunch of stuff. Click here to order your veggie boxes, custom workshops with me (at my place) and even spend a baking day with Kate. You can buy my old book or a dozen eggs! (I'd go for the eggs) and if you're feeling a tad carnivorous, you can order some pork or lamb from our mates at The Farmers Larder.

Custom workshops with me, in my garden and kitchen!

I've had a number of people ask if I'd run small workshops for just a few folk at a time at my place. I've really enjoyed these backyard days! The one on one type workshops have been mega enjoyable for all parties involved. It's just me and a few peeps casually hanging out for the day in my garden or kitchen, where I share practiculture skills and we talk all day up in the troubled clouds of food philosophy or on the subject of the realities of striving for self sufficiency (which is a myth people....let's talk more about this over a cuppa).

I really want to use some adjectives like 'personal' or 'intimate' but I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea! Really it's just a day with me where I teach you the stuff you want to learn. And where better to learn it than in the garden or my kitchen where I do all my stuff! And we get to cook up a big afternoon lunch!

Instead of buying a new tablet or Wii for Christmas, buy someone a workshop! Then they can come to my place and play a game of WHOLELARDERLOVE on the Wii.

The site is here, go check it out.

NB. Veg boxes, meat and egg deliveries resume in January. Screen-Shot-2014-11-24-at-7.17.43-pm