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Workshops now open

There's been a great amount of work behind the scenes, but now finally I can happily tell you that the workshops (yes I've been talking about them for some time) are now open! It's been akin to establishing a new boarding school! We've had to find a suitable location not only to run the workshops but to provide accommodation and we've found that place just down the road! 09.MrB_Rohan

Finally I've set out a program that covers most skills, although there is one main skill that will have to wait for the summer workshops, and that is preserving with fruit and veg. However, most other topics that you've asked for will be covered, but obviously not all in one weekend. I've spread out options so you can get a few skills taught over a workshop. It's taken me years to learn these skills, I couldn't possibly do you any justice trying to jam it all into one weekend!


Some of the skills on offer will be confronting, some will challenge you emotionally as a human, as an eater. For these I have provided you with the option to have a true hands on experience. You can either watch and learn or you can learn by doing. It's up to you.


Some topics, like wild mushroom foraging will test your character, especially if you've only ever eaten supermarket food. Eating wild food and trusting that wild meat and foraged items are ok to eat took me a while to get used to. But with the right knowledge and safe approach to identification and assessment you will be ok. And I'll be there to hold your hand… figuratively not literally (that's an extra fee)


There is a fee, which covers rad accommodation, both fancy B&B or 'glamping' in the stables. It is a learning course, so you pay for knowledge, and you get fed with food I'll cook for you. I expect help with the dishes though!


The workshops will very much be a communal event of like minded people, so if you're a redneck don't apply. This is for people that want to learn skills that will help make a positive change to their food acquisition while also settling some ethical dilemmas for those of us that are meat eaters.


The aim of the workshops if for me to share skills for simpler living. You in turn will share some skills with others. If the process continues we have a possibility to make a positive change to how we view food, how we respect food and what impact we have on the environment by living closer towards semi-self sufficiency.

Go and have a look!